Jump Desktop API (1.0)

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Jump Desktop API

This file describes the Jump Desktop Cloud API. You can use the cloud api to manage your Jump Desktop for Teams account.

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How to get started

Generate a API Token for your user account by visiting the web dashboard, click Security row on the top left, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the GENERATE NEW TOKEN to generate a new API token. You can then use this API token to call the apis described in this file.


How do I get my Team's ID?

Your team’s id can be found in the URL when you visit https://app.jumpdesktop.com and click on your team's name in the left side bar. Your team's id is in the last part of the URL. In the example URL below, the team'd id is: T-01DC001CDDA14H5634420248

Dashboard URL: https://app.jumpdesktop.com/dashboard/teams/**T-01DC001CDDA14H5634420248**

How do I programmatically add a computer to my team?

Create a pre-configured Jump Desktop Connect installer for your team. The URL for the installer will be returned in the "connectDownloads" field. Download and run the installer. Note: Make sure you don't rename the file before installing it. Once the installer runs, it will automatically add the computer to the team.

"connectDownloads": {
    "macpkg": "url",
    "winexe": "url",
    "winmsi": "url"

Use the /team/{teamID}/device/{deviceID}/urls endpoint to retrieve urls for the computer. These URLs are stable and won't change.

  "askScreenShare": "url",
  "connect": "url",
  "dashboard": "url"

How do I get the user id from a user's email?

Each user on a team has an associated user id. A user's id will never change and it is safe to store in your database. To get a user's user id from their email, use the /team/{teamID}/users end point with 'email' query string.

How do I get a computer's device ID from a computer's name?

Every computer connected to the Jump Desktop Cloud gets a unique device id assigned to it. The device id for a computer does not change (unless Jump Desktop Connect's settings are rest on the computer). To search for a computer by name use the /team/{teamID}/devices endpoint with the 'name' query parameter.


1.0.1 2021-05-05

  • Added /users and /devices endpoints. Use these endpoints to search for users by email or devices by name.

1.0 2021-05-02

  • Public release

0.3 2021-04-27

  • New: annotation endpoints: Annotations can be used to add user defined keys and values to team resources like users, access groups and computers.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: /team/device/delete/members endpoint has changed to /team/device/members/delete for consistency with other apis.

0.2 2021-04-19

  • New: team/device endpoint to retrieve information about a single device
  • New: device/urls endpoint to get urls used to launch connections to computers

0.1 2021-04-14

  • Initial API release



Security Scheme Type API Key
Header parameter name: Authorization: Bearer


Get information about a team.

Get team information. Non team admins will see a limited view of team information.

path Parameters



Request samples

curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.jumpdesktop.com/v1/team/teamID \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer: REPLACE_KEY_VALUE'

Response samples

Content type
  • "avatarURL": "string",
  • "billing": {
  • "deviceConfigs": [
  • "deviceInvites": [
  • "devices": {
  • "groups": {
  • "id": "string",
  • "name": "string",
  • "planFeatures": {
  • "saml": {
  • "security": {
  • "userDeviceMigrate": [
  • "userInvites": [
  • "users": {