Email Address

When using a Google account to connect, we log your email address on our server for 7 days. The log is used only to help diagnose connection issues and gather anonymous usage statistics of our service. We will never sell or use the information in the logs to contact you. We may consult the logs if you open a support request regarding connection problems using your Google account. The logs are kept for a rolling 7 day period and old logs are deleted after 7 days.


Your passwords are never stored or transmitted to our servers. Google passwords are sent directly to Google’s servers. PC passwords are sent to the PC you connect to. Passwords are only saved locally on your device (your iPad, iPhone, iPod or PC). We use operating system specific APIs to help protect saved passwords.

Use of data relays

When using a Google account to connect, we may route your connection through a third party relay server incase it is not possible to establish a direct connection between your devices. The data will be encrypted using RDP’s encryption mechanism and uses the same encryption method when data relays are not used.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

We may gather anonymous usage statistics to help maintain and improve the quality of our software and services.

Hardware used to run the Jump Desktop Service

Phase Five Systems uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the Jump Desktop Service. Our code runs on top of the hardware and software provided by third party vendors.


Phase Five Systems may periodically update this policy. We will prominently display significant changes to the policy incase they occur.